DOMIDO SpeedIon Hair Straightener Brush

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Color: Black
Plug: US Plug

Warm Reminder

Upon switching on, the negative ion emitter generates negative ions by means of ultra-high voltage penetrating the air, accompanied by an audible resonance.

This is a customary phenomenon.

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Product specification

Achieve salon-quality hair at home with the DOMIDO SpeedIon Brush. Designed for all hair types, this innovative tool uses advanced negative ion technology to deeply smooth and shine your hair, leaving it sleek and frizz-free.

Universal Voltage

100V - 240V

PTC Ceramic Heating

Provides even heat distribution for consistent styling.

Ergonomic Design

Easy to handle and use for all hair lengths.

Temperature Range

130°C to 200°C (266°F to 392°F)

Fast Heat-Up

Ready to use in 30 seconds

200 Million


Smeother Reducing Frizziness

Transform your hair with the DOMIDO SpeedIon Brush. Before: frizzy, dry, and unmanageable. After: sleek, hydrated, and perfectly styled. Achieve salon-quality results at home with our advanced steam technology. Perfect for all hair types.

Comb Straight Down

Organize your fried hair with a comb for classic straight hair.

Curl the "C" inward

Creates airy bangs with an undercut at the end of the hair.

Repeatedly filp the teeth of comb

Slightly curled ends, creating long hair with big waves.